Hirox pioneered the digital microscope almost 30 years ago. From greyscale to colour, they have continued to develop digital microscopy technology with their mission of “making it possible to observe anything that their users were looking for”.

Hirox digital microscopes allow the user to see things as they really are, combining the ability to observe, measure and record.

Ease of Use and Automation

Their systems have been designed to be used by both novices and seasoned professionals. They can be used to simply capture images or produce detailed reports and are suitable for use in research, product development or quality control.

Hirox digital microscopes are so easy to use that creating complex procedures to automate an entire process is simple. This makes them a joy to use, and with the automation capability, reduces strain on the operator as well as the possibility of human errors, while increasing productivity.

Non-Destructive Testing

The demand for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is increasing. NDT is proving to be a valuable tool for design and production of products as well as quality control of items in production. In these areas, it can be used to detect causes of failure or potential causes of failure and influence changes to production lines in a timely fashion to prevent failures form happening.

Hirox 3D digital microscopes are perfect for this and can reveal defects and imperfections that are not possible using other techniques. Traditionally, this type of work was carried out by highly skilled technicians. With the Hirox 3D digital microscopes, this type of work can be carried out by anyone, anywhere.

Hirox Digital Microscopes

Today, Hirox manufactures next generation 3D digital zoom microscopes. Outstanding video performance includes 32 Bit resolution at 24fps with a 1600×1200 image. A vast array or lenses are available including dual illumination and 3D rotary lenses.

3D Digital Microscope KH-8700

The KH-8700 is a fully integrated solution. The system incorporates a 21.5″ full HD LCD monitor that is one of the highest specification on the market offering high intensity pixel reproduction, displaying 16.77 million colours, a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and brightness of 300 cd/m2.

  • Fast – The all new Hirox platform delivers fast operation and processor speeds.
  • Easy – The premier choice in user friendly software, a digital microscope (DM) has never been easier to operate.
  • High Quality – Images saved and taken with the KH-8700 are delivered through ultra-fine detail.

3D Digital Microscope RH-2000

The RH-2000 is the latest model released by Hirox. It features a host of upgrades and redesigned hardware resulting in increased performance, flexibility, user-friendliness and robustness. Some of the key features include:

  • Advanced CMOS sensor
  • Real time 50fps HD video output (1920×1200 pixels)
  • Bayonet mounting hardware and internal cabling
  • High contract imaging with no digital noise
  • Can be used with a computer of your choice

Hirox Original Lenses and Adapters

  • High Depth of Field and High Resolution Zoom Lenses
  • 0-7000x Magnification Range
  • 360 Degree Rotary Head Observation
  • Variety of Adapters for numerous Applications
  • Handheld Zoom and Fixed Magnification Lenses


Hirox advanced digital microscopes