AttoMap – MicroXRF and X-Ray Analytical Microscope

High resolution sub-PPM mapping for geology, biology, forensics and materials research, within 1 second


The AttoMap from Sigray is a lab-based microXRF with unprecedented levels of sensitivity and resolution thanks to patented FAAST-Micro technology. In addition, it offers a powerful X-ray analytical microscope with industry-leading resolution. The system offers:

  • Synchrotron-like performance in a lab-based instrument
  • Chemical mapping with ppb/attogram trace element sensitivity generated within 1 second
  • 3D confocal depth profiling
  • The ability to detect hidden nanoparticles
  • Up to 500x faster than conventional microXRF mapping systems
  • 5µm spatial resolution
  • Excellent performance for biologicals
Sigray microXRF map produced using the AttoMap

Elemental mapping of a geological quartz sample at increasing resolutions, showing K (Blue), Zn (Red), Co (Green), and P (Green in last image) inclusions.

The microXRF resolution and sensitivity rivals techniques such as LA-ICP-MS. The  AttoMap offers a distinct advantage over LA-ICP-MS in that it can reveal elemental distributions across a surface showing up concentration gradients, areas of impurities, specific features with differing chemical makeups, whereas LA-ICP-MS is only able to analyse a bulk sample in its entirety.

The AttoMap has also been designed to be right at home in a busy central laboratory. The flexible design allows you to tailor the configuarion with options for both performance and applications


The AttoMap is suited to applications including:

  • Biology – Metallomics and nanoparticles
  • Geology – Oil and gas, mining and minerals
  • Advanced materials – Semiconductors and materials science

Sigray attomap microXRF geology biology advanced materialsTechnology Advantages

The AttoMap microXRF from Sigray features three major innovations that will give you an analytical advantage. These include:

  1. X-ray source – Patented technology results in an X-ray source that is 50X brighter than any commercially available microfocus X-ray source
  2. X-ray optics – Proprietary high-efficiency X-ray mirror lens in combination with a small achromatic focus and large working distance resulting in superior detection sensitivity and accuracy
  3. Detector – A unique detector geometry enabled by the design of the mirror lens collect up to 3-4X more fluorescence X-rays compared to conventional designs

Performance Advantages

  1. Substantially higher resolution – Down to 3-5µm and the ability to detect nanoparticles down to 50-100nm
  2. Significantly faster analysis time – Analysis times are reduced from half a day down to a minute for the same measurements. AttoMap offers up to 500X faster throughput
  3. Sub-ppm and sub femtogram sensitivity in seconds
    >50-100X the sensitivity of conventional microXRF
    AttoMap is the only microXRF capable of mapping trace elements
  4. Most accurate quantification capabilities and optional dual energy source for maximum flexibility
  5. Capable of analysing buried microfeatures

Sigray AttoMap MicroXRF Webinar

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