DENSsolutions – in situ TEM Platforms

DENSsolutions has been at the forefront of the in situ TEM microscopy field for more than 20 years. In the process they have developed the most innovative and leading sample management solutions i.e. TEM platforms . These solutions extend the capabilities of a conventional TEM to a controllable and powerful in situ nano-laboratory. This has been made possible by combining expertise from fields including microscopy, physics, chemistry, engineering and other specialty areas.

The Value of in situ TEM Solutions

TEMs are well-known to be able to produce images that describe the structure, morphology and composition of a sample. While this information is invaluable, a TEM is unable to replicate real-world environmental conditions with imaging always taking place in a static evacuated environment.

DENSsolutions have developed a range of TEM sample holders and platforms which allow you to observe and monitor in real time the effect of various physical stimuli on your samples/specimens in your TEM. The ability to see the effect of these stimuli on your samples allows you to gain a more detailed understanding of how they behave dynamically under changing environments, thus providing a much more accurate representation of how your specimen will perform under real-world conditions.

This effectively turns your static imaging TEM into a multi-functional laboratory.

The use of in situ TEM analysis will allow you to accelerate your research and take hypotheses to production much faster than ever before by unlocking unprecedented research capabilities using your current TEM. With these solutions from DENS you can now observe a range of physical and chemical phenomena in real time e.g. diffusion, phase transformation etc.

TEM Platforms and Stimuli

The current product range of DENS platforms provide the following stimuli:

  1. Wildfire – Heating
  2. Lightning – heating and biasing
  3. climate – Ga sand heating
  4. Stream – Liquid and biasing or heating

These systems provide exacting control over your experimental conditions allowing you to concentrate on your samples and their behaviour.

They incorporate the latest MEMS technology (Nano-Chips) providing plug-and-play solutions enhancing your existing TEM investment, creating cutting edge analytical tools producing additional data and valuable insights into the behaviour of your specimens.

Developing Products for Research

DENSsolutions works closely with clients to ensure the development work that goes into their products corresponds to the needs of academic and industry research.

Furthermore, they are tailored to work with your existing platform so you can achieve reliable results quickly and easily. All systems are thoroughly tested, engineered and characterised. They are also supplied with detailed user manuals, applications notes and other support.