High Content Imaging

AXT offers high content imaging solutions from TTP Labtech, a UK-based global developer and manufacturer of high quality, robust and innovative automated laboratory equipment for both the academic and industrial sectors of pharmaceutical and biotech research. With close ties to academia and pharmaceutical companies, TTP Labtech have been able to develop solutions to address the technological needs of these industries and provide solutions to optimise workflows and reduce costs.

It is generally agreed that studying cellular systems provides far superior quality data than biochemical assays. Being able to study the molecular effects of a compound in a physiologically relevant environment is of great advantage in medical research.

The process of high content screening uses a range of reagents (recombinant cells, antibodies, fluorescent probes, siRNA, etc) and a range of detection modes (fluorescence, electrophysiology, imaging).

Cell-Based Imaging

Cell-based assays provide knowledge about biological systems and pathways in the context of the whole cell. Laser scanning imaging cytometry has been used routinely to provide physiologically relevant data about potential disease mechanisms and the efficacy of novel therapeutic compounds, peptides, RNAi, etc, and it has also been used for stem cell research. They are popular systems because they provide high throughput, high content data of entire wells in a single shot.

Instrumentation for Cell Imaging and Screening

Acumen Cellista is a fast, cell-based imaging system, effortlessly delivering whole-well, multiparametric high content screening. It compliments existing imaging expertise and mazimises workflows.

Mirrorball is a high sensitivity cytometer, ideally suited to antibody screening. It’s unique optics enable mix-and-read assays for soluble and cell-surface antigens, resulting in reduced costs, increased workflow and improved productivity.


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