LAIX Technologies – Laboratory Instruments & Automation

LAIX Technologies design and manufacture laboratory solutions that can be found operating in laboratories all over the world. From standard instruments to fully customised solutions, they offer complete systems including hardware, software and accessories. In all cases, their solutions blend experience with the most up-to-date monitoring, controlling and automation culminating in an easy-to-use package that will be an asset to your research, development, QA and production.

They offer a full service and can assist with everything from planning to operation. Their expertise allows them to assist you with consulting, design, construction, production, software and service, while their products come with the high precision engineering and enviable reliability that the world expects from a German company.

LAIX Technologies laboratory equipment uses the most modern technology to ensure it remains part of your workflow well into the future and produces the high quality and repeatable results you demand.


Their laboratory solutions find applications in such areas as:

  • Chemical research
  • Pharmaceutical research and development
  • Food analytics
  • Cosmetics
  • Oil analysis

Product Lines

LAIX Technologies product lines can be divided into 4 main categories as follows:

  1. Automation Solutions
    • Auto samplers
    • SFC automation
    • Fat automation
    • Automated oilseed measurement
    • Custom automation
  2. Dry baths
    • Modular systems
    • SFC baths
  3. Stirrers
    • Magnetic stirrers
    • Overhead stirrers
  4. Chemistry
    • Reaction blocks


LAIX Technologies was founded in 2013 by Dipl.-Ing. Mirco Hengst who has vast experience with special purpose laboratory instrument design and automation.

In 2003 he was responsible for the design of the first SFC automation which, to this day still runs 24/7.

Today, they are continuing to improve existing products and develop new products. They are currently offering the 4th generation of SFC Automation which benefit from 10 years of experience with state-of-the-art design and functionality.