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Detection Technology is based in Finland and is a global micro-electronics company specialising in innovative x-ray imaging products and services for the medical/health, industrial and inspection/security markets.

They design, manufacture and sell unique, high performance silicon photodiodes, radiation detectors, related readout electronics and detector modules. These components are assembled to produce high performance, reliable and cost-effective x-ray imaging components and subsystems.

Detection Technology employs 230 people, of which one-third are involved in research and development. They have expertise and industrial expertise in developing, prototyping and manufacturing high-end detector units. If they do not have an existing solution, this places them well to be able to engineer an affordable solution for your application.

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions (NDT)

Detection Technology have a range of off-the-shelf detector products for a range of x-ray (radiographic) NDT applications. These solutions include:

  • Detector cards
  • Readout electronics
  • Interfacing software
  • Complete detector subsystems

These solutions are also suited to use in other industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and other industrial applications.

Security Solutions

Their range of solutions also spans the security market where they have products suited to applications including:

  • Cargo inspection
  • Container inspection
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Baggage inspection
  • Parcel inspection
  • People inspection

Solutions range from photodiodes and ASICs through to complete x-ray imaging subsystems that commonly incorporate readout electronics and software to a host computer.

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