Microscopy Solutions

AXT have a vast microscopy portfolio, sourcing a range of complimentary products from world-renowned manufacturers of high-end microscopy solutions. This range of products spans a broad range of technologies suited to materials science, life science and geological applications and includes innovative products only available in Australia and New Zealand through AXT.

These solutions include:


TESCAN manufacture FIB-SEMs, FEG-SEMs, thermionic emission SEMs, SEMs designed for special applications as well as detectors and related accessories. They are also the world’s only manufacturer of fully integrated Xe-Plasma FIB/SEM and Raman/SEM correlative microscopy solution in conjunction with WiTEC.


Fischione sets the benchmark for innovation in microscopy instrumentation. Their range includes:

  • Ion milling equipment
  • Plasma decontamination solutions
  • HAADF camera
  • TEM tomography sample holders


Kleindiek is a customer oriented, high-tech company using innovation to drive concepts in micro and nano positioning. Their product range includes:

  • Micro and nanomanipulators
  • Probe workstations
  • Sub stages


DELMIC develop and manufacture unique and innovative microscopy tools. These include:

  • SECOM – The world’s first and only in situ correlative light/fluorescence and SEM system combining functional and structural imaging systems. It is suited to life science applications.
  • SPARC – This system fully integrates with an SEM and allows simultaneous SEM imaging with a host of cathodoluminescence imaging modes. This solution is aimed at the photonics and plasmonics market as well as mineralogy.


HIROX pioneered digital microscopes over 30 years ago. Their current range of products bridge the gap between optical microscopes and SEMs. With full digital operation, they offer many other features compared to optical microscopes including real time high-definition video output, 3D imaging, reconstruction and measurements and autofocus coupled with ease of use and portability. The applications for this technology are many and varied and span biology, forensics, advanced materials, failure analysis, tribology, archaeology etc.

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific is a world leader in the field of science with annual revenues in excess of $17b. They manufacture a vast array of scientific solutions that help researchers solve the most demanding analytical problems. AXT represents their:

  • XPS surface analysis product line
  • Microanalysis product line including EDS, WDS and EBSB detectors


Rigaku are the world leaders in analytical x-ray instrumentation. Since 1951, they have continued to innovate and develop new technologies that their competitors can only follow. They have recently introduced the nano3DX x-ray microscope/micro computer tomography system that offers unrivalled resolution and image contrast.


Nanolive have patented a unique technology called tomographic microscopy that enables in vitro quantitative cell tomography or live cell imaging. The result is the 3D Cell Explorer that allows researchers to non-invasively and instantly image the inside of cells. The system produces images with higher resolution than any commercially available microscope in mere seconds.


DENsolutions have designed and manufacturers a range of in situ TEM platforms that allow you to carry out dynamic experiments within a REM chamber, vastly extending its capability and also enabling you to collect data much faster with fewer samples.


Nanopsis have developed a super resolution optical microscope with resolution down to 50nm. Benefiting from patented Super resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens (SMAL) technology, it incorporates revolutionary microsphere imaging optics.


Continuous On-Belt
Real-Time LIBS Analyser

ELEMISSION continuous on-belt real-time analyser