Nanopsis – Super Resolution Optical Microscopes

Nanopsis is located in the Manchester Science Park, an innovation hub with tight links to the University of Manchester. Designed, invented and built in the UK they are proud of their heritage.

Developing the first super resolution microsphere based light microscope they are redefining the limits of traditional microscopy.

Microsphere Technology

Microsphere technology is a disruptive technology that was lauded as the holy grail of optical microscopy. It promised to provide super resolution capabilities to optical microscopes, thus going beyond the optical diffraction limit.

Breakthroughs in 2011 by Professor Lin Li and Dr. Wei Guo at the University of Manchester enabled microsphere technology to be used in microscopy for the first time. So significant was their work that it was covered by media outlets including the BBC, The NY Times and the journal Nature.

Since then, they have patented Super resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens (SMAL) technology that is capable of optically resolving nanostructures and is set to revolutionalize optical microscopy.

The technology has now been commercialised and it is now available at an extremely affordable price through Nanopsis. Their first product the Nanopsis M is now the worldÂ’s most powerful wide-field optical microscope. It has broken the world record for the smallest object that the eye can see.

Nanopsis Super Resolution Microscopes

The new technology used in Nanopsis microscopes makes super resolution microscopy more accessible. Their systems are elegantly simple and affordable putting them well within reach of most laboratories. As such they will be suited to range of applications including:

  • Materials science
  • Graphene
  • Nanomaterials
  • Metallurgy
  • Drug discovery
  • Cancer research
  • Microelectronics


Professor Lin Li

Prof. Li invented SMON (Submerged Microsphere Optical Nanoscope) in 2013. Other key achievements include:

  • He is chair of laser engineering, and is the Director of the Laser Processing Research Centre at The University of Manchester
  • He received the Wolfson Research Merit Award from the Royal Society for his research on laser nano-fabrication and nano-imaging
  • He received the Researcher of the Year medal in Engineering and Physical Sciences at The University of Manchester in 2014
  • He co-founded LIG-Technologies in 2014 and serves as Chairman of LIG Technologies Group.

Dr. Wei Guo

Dr. Guo is a director of Nanopsis and co-inventor of the microsphere optical nanoscope. His technical expertise complemented by managemt skill, having previously successfully run the technology company Advanced Laser Technology. He is also an Experimental Officer in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering, University of Manchester.

The Nanopsis Team

The Nanopsis team pulls in expertise from many and varied fields to ensure their technology is truly world class and incorporates the best innovations. Their diverse expertise covers such areas as meta-material fabrication, laser manufacturing, microscopy and computer imaging guaranteeing their technology remains at the forefront, which ultimately benefits the user base.