Solutions for Protein Crystallography

AXT offers a variety of solutions for all of your crystallisation needs. With products from Rigaku and TTP Labtech, we provide market-leading instrumentation for screen-making, protein dispensing, x-ray diffraction and biological SAXS.

Structural Biology

Rigaku has developed x-ray generators and optics to produce x-ray beams that are optimised for protein samples. They also offer a variety of x-ray detectors for efficient measurement of diffraction experiments. In addition, the SAXS camera has been specifically designed for isotropic protein solution scattering and optimised to be used in conjunction with rotating anode sources.

Screen Preparation and Protein Dispensing

AXT offers the mosquito range of liquid handlers from TTP Labtech for dispensing low volume protein samples for hanging and sitting drops, for microbatch, seeding and additive screening experiments and for accurately dispensing LCP mixture for membrane protein crystallisation experiments.

For screen optimisation, TTP Labtech offer the very easy-to-use dragonfly with positive displacement, non-contact dispensing of screen components to the screening plate. Dispensing is accurate across a wide range of viscosities, without risk of cross contamination.

Reagents and Consumables

At the backbone of this process, lie the reagents and consumables for screen preparation. Rigaku offer the Wizard screens, which were created to provide a large array of chemical combinations for researchers, in order to give you the highest probability of crystallising your proteins of interest. We have a portfolio of 8 Wizard screen types that enable you to utilise crystallisation advances that have been made over the last 25 years.

In addition to reagents, AXT offers a variety of microplates from both Rigaku and TTP Labtech:

  • 1,2 and 3 chamber sitting drop plates
  • Hanging drop plates
  • UV plates
  • Plate seals

Sample Management

TTP Labtech has 2 automated, secure systems available for sample storage and retrieval:

  • arktic – compact storage of proteins and other biologicals down to -80°C
  • comPOUND – larger scale storage of proteins, biologicals and chemicals down to -20°C