pUNk – Protein Sizing Platform Using DLS Dynamic Light Scattering

Small, fast and easy-to-use
pUNk generates results in just minutes making it ideal for checking biologic sample integrity before generating formulations.

pUNk is a truly innovative instrument from Unchained Labs that allows you to determine the hydrodynamic size, size distribution and aggregation population of a protein using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). While other instruments may claim to be able to do this, no other system can match pUNk’s compact size, speed, sensitivity and ease-of-use. This translates into faster, more accurate results all while using less sample.

Key Features

  • 5µL sample size
  • % aggregation
  • Protein size
  • Polydispersity

Unchained Labs punk cuvette for DLS
rUNt Disposable Cuvette

Key to the simplicity and speed of the pUNk is the low cost, low volume cuvette. The cuvette is supplied ready-to-go in dust free packaging. It requires no washing and only 5µL of sample, just load and go. This saves you time and allows you to spend more time generating results rather than cleaning and preparing the instrument, simplifying your experiments.

Unchained Labs pUNk fast protein size resultsFast Protein Size Results

pUNk is so fast that you can use it to screen samples. In just 30 seconds it will let you know what is happening with your sample. It will tell you both sample size distribution and whether or not your protein has started to aggregate.

unchained-labs-punk-tempProtein Stability as a Function of Temperature

If you want to know at what temperature your protein aggregates, pUNk is your solution. It can accurately heat your sample to 90°C and rapidly measure protein stability at any desired temperature. This allows you to zero in on optimal protein formulations that are stable at higher temperatures.

Unchained labs pUNk atteched to SEC-HPLCChromatography with DLS

pUNk can work in flow mode with a SEC-HPLC. Utilising a standard 8µL flow cell, it can determine hydrodynamic size and scattering intensity. Line this up with your UV data. This combination of hardware enables you to accurately and simultaneously quantify how much protein monomer, dimer and aggregate is present.

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