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Rigaku Oxford Diffraction is the powerful new business unit formed after Rigaku’s acquisition of Agilent’s X-ray diffraction business. The acquisition brings together the expertise from two leaders in the areas of small molecule, single crystal and protein crystallography and is now best placed to be able to offer leading edge solutions for your life science applications.

Agilent acquired the XRD business which was formerly known as Oxford Diffraction from Varian in 2010. Oxford Diffraction is a key manufacturer of single-crystal x-ray instruments for the global chemical crystallography market.

“The acquisition of Agilent’s X-ray crystallography business represents a significant step in the expansion of our single-crystal X-ray business,” said Hikaru Shimura, Rigaku President and CEO. “By combining Agilent’s XRD business with Rigaku’s expertise in protein crystallography, we will be able to leverage the best technologies from both groups to provide our current and future customers with world-class solutions for single-crystal analysis.”

Life Science

Life science involves the study of living organisms such as plants, animals, humans and microorganisms and those systems that they interact with. They are often concerned with improving the standard and quality of life and include health, agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals and food science.

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction X-Ray Diffractometers for Life Science

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction have the most extensive and exciting range of XRD systems for life science applications. From compact benchtop diffractometers to highly power floor standing systems that can detect the smallest of molecules, their instruments lead the industry.


Built with high precision, Rigaku Oxford Diffraction instruments offer the only systems on the market that will truly automatically align themselves. Protected by patented technology, the competition are always trying to emulate this user-friendly functionality. For universities and other research institutions that measure samples using several different modes, using different diffractometer configurations, Rigaku Oxford Diffraction systems are the ideal solution, making switching modes a simple operation and eliminating the need for engineers to constantly align and calibrate goniometers.

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction are also the inventors of dual wavelength systems. This innovative feature allows you to carry out experiments using different x-ray radiation wavelengths such as copper or molybdenum in a single instrument with the flick of a switch. This provides you with additional analytical flexibility and capability within the same diffractometer.

Other Rigaku Systems for Life Science

Rigaku supplies a range of reagents for protein crystallography, including screens, optimisation reagents, stock solutions, plates and starter kits. They also create customised reagent solutions for your requirements.

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