SE International Radiation Detectors

S.E. International, Inc. founded in 1979, is a small, woman-owned manufacturer of radiation detection equipment based in Tennessee, USA. Steady growth and success has seen them quadruple the number of employees and more than doubled the size of their facility since 1984.

They are committed to building radiation detectors that are reliable, simple to use and understand, and affordably priced. They are also dedicated to their customers and promise to help them find the most appropriate instrument for their needs.

SE International’s global success has seen their products exported to countries all over the world including countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East working through distributors like AXT. In recent times they have also penetrated countries such as Kyrgistan, Latvia, Paraguay, and Sweden.


SE International radiation monitors are commonly used sold into markets including:

  • First response
  • Industrial
  • Governmental
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Environmental

Where they have excelled.

They are also committed to an ongoing developmental program to ensure that their products meet the ever-increasing and demanding needs of these industries.

Calibration Services

As the manufacturer, SE International recommend that your radiation monitor is calibrated at least every year on the anniversary of it entering service, or more frequently if specified by relevant regulatory or industry bodies. As such they provide this service which is carried out by in-house technicians.

Calibration service includes:

  • Unit Operational Analysis
  • Certificate of Calibration with all applicable data & NIST traceable Calibration.
  • Calibrated using a Cs137 (662keV) beam calibrator.
  • Conforms to ANSI/NSC SLZ540.1.1994 and ANSI N323-1978. ANSI Z540.3.2006 upon request
  • Traceable to NIST DG8640/87

Product Range