Sigray – Developers of Advanced X-Ray Technologies

Sigray are  developers of advanced and completely new approaches to X-ray technology

Sigray’s mission is to develop and commercialise devices based on new disruptive X-ray technologies. They have made great strides in this endeavor with numerous patented and patent pending devices and components that give homelab users access to synchrotron-like capabilities. Their products and technologies are already benefiting researchers in Asia, America and Europe.


Sigray are currently developing numerous new products suited to a range of applications. Their current product lines fall into 3 categories:

  1. Attomap MicroXRF – The Attomap is one of the most powerful trace element mapping tools available. Boasting limits of detection approaching sub-femtogram levels (1-10 ppm within 1 second) and resolution better than 8 µm it provides superior sensitivity compared to conventional microXRF and SEM-based techniques. Its’ sensitivity rivals LA-ICPMS or PIXE. These performance levels make it suitable for a range of applications such as nanoparticles and nanomaterials, mineralogy, advanced materials, biological metallomics and semiconductors
  2. X-ray Optics including:
    1. Synchrotron axially symmetric paraboloidal mirror lens for beamline development and upgrades with major benefits over KB mirrors, including: higher flux, lower cost, and easier alignment
    2. Laboratory twin paraboloidal x-ray mirror lens optimised for coupling to ultrabright small spot laboratory x-ray sources. Benefits to users including focusing to a single achromatic focal spot, superior brightness preservation, and large working distances compared to conventional polycapillary optics.
  3. X-Ray Source – Sigray’s patented FAAST-Micro X-ray source design generates X-ray flux an order of magnitude brighter than conventional microfocus X-ray sources. It also enables new target materials to be used offering intensity and tenability only previously available from a synchrotron.

The Sigray Team

To ensure that they are the forefront of technology, Sigray have employed domain experts with extensive cumulative experience in x-ray source, optics, and instrumentation development. This includes former synchrotron beamline and synchrotron scientific program leaders, an x-ray source expert who previously led the design of many major pioneering x-ray sources, and x-ray optics specialists who designed and produced some of the highest efficiency, highest resolution x-ray optics in the world.

About the Founder

Dr Wenbing Yun leads his high caliber team and has demonstrated expertise in the field of X-ray optics. In 2000 he founded Xradia, a company that developed and manufactures X-ray microscopes. From humble beginnings, Xradia grew to over 100 employees when it was acquired by Carl Zeiss in 2013.

As a result of his contributions in the field of X-ray microscopy, he has also been elected to Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA). This work has also garnered four prestigious R&D100 awards.