Supermini200 – Benchtop Sequential WDXRF Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

The new Supermini200 has improved software capabilities as well as a better footprint. As the world’s only high-power benchtop sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer for elemental analysis of oxygen (O) through uranium (U) of almost any material, the Rigaku Supermini200 uniquely delivers low cost-of-ownership (COA) with high resolution and lower limits-of-detection (LLD).

Low Cost of Ownership

Not only is the Rigaku Supermini200 an affordable choice for your XRF elemental analysis needs, the running costs are also low. P10 gas for the flow proportional detector is the only consumable. The Supermini200 does not require a source of cooling water, plumbing, or an external chiller, thereby decreasing system maintenance and lowering the overall lifetime cost of ownership of the system and yearly budgets for consumables and maintenance.

Superior Light Element Performance

Analyzing complex matrix materials with a wide range of light and heavy elements, from trace to high concentration levels, is the instrument’s core competency. Rigaku Supermini200 delivers high sensitivity for light elements with superior spectral resolution for resolving line overlaps in complex matrices without the need for deconvolution. Analyzing low concentration levels of light elements (F, Na, Mg, Ca, Si, Al, and P) is easy.

High Power X-Ray Tube

Supermini is the only high powered (200 W) X-ray tube benchtop WDXRF system, providing excellent excitation resulting in lower detection limits and shorter measurement times. A unique and proprietary optical system is also employed to enhance sensitivity beyond the gains of the tube power.


  • Analyze fluorine through uranium (F ? U)
  • Analyze: solids, liquids, powders, alloys and thin films
  • Atmosphere: air, helium or vacuum
  • X-ray tube: 50 kV, 200 W Pd-anode
  • Primary beam filter: Zr is standard; Al optional
  • Detectors: F-PC and scintillation
  • Crystals: 3-position changer
  • Autosampler: 12-position standard
  • Vacuum: rotary pump standard
  • Power: 100 – 120V (50/60 Hz) 15A or 200 – 240V (50/60 Hz) 10A


X-ray generatorMax. 50 kV, 4 mA
X-ray tubePd target, 200 W air-cooled
Crystal changer3 crystal changer
Analyzing crystalsStandard: LiF 200 (for Ti-U) and PET (for Al-Ti), option: RX25 (for F-Mg) or Ge (for P-Ca)
DetectorsLight elements: F-PC (gas flow proportional counter), heavy elements: SC (scintillation counter)
Primary beam filterAutomatic in and out; select one from Zr filter for Cd analysis (standard) and Al filter for trace K analysis
Sample changer12-position sample turret
Sample sizeMaximum sample size 44 mm diameter, 33 mm height
Sample spinning30 rpm
Spectrometer chamber atmosphereVacuum, vacuum/helium (option)
Vacuum pumpRotary pump
Operating systemWindows® 7
Power requirements100 – 120V (50/60 Hz) 15A or 200 – 240V (50/60 Hz) 10A
Installation environmentTemperature 15-28°C, relative humidity less than 75%

Overview of the Supermini200 WDXRF Spectrometer

The World’s Most Powerful Benchtop WDXRF System