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TTP Labtech has firmly established itself as a global developer and manufacturer of high quality, robust and innovative automated laboratory equipment for both the academic and industrial sectors of pharmaceutical and biotech research.

Headquartered near Cambridge, UK, over 75% of their staff work directly in research and development. The establishment of close relationships with academia and pharmaceutical companies over the years has enabled them to understand the technological needs of this industry and provide solutions to optimise workflow and reduce costs.

They offer a portfolio of products that minimise assay volumes, reduce material handling costs and put the discovery tools back in the hands of the scientist. With new products in the pipeline, their strength comes from the ability to combine cutting edge science with first rate engineering, enabling them to design and develop unique novel products.

The substantial breadth of expertise within the company enables them to be involved in the full life cycle of their products from the initial design concept, mechanical and software engineering and prototyping, to final manufacture. These qualities allow them to offer the best possible technical and mechanical support to all the equipment that they supply, hence maintaining excellent client relationships.

Automated Liquid Handing Systems

TTP Labtech have a host of mosquito (and Dragonfly) automated liquid systems. These benefit from positive displacement pipette technology allowing to you dispense compounds, liquids and proteins at faster rates and increased reproducibility with zero chance of cross contamination.

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