Unchained Labs – Game Changing Products for Biologics Researchers

Unchained Labs’ mission is to provide problem-solving products that make a huge difference in biologics research and development and to replace current methods and tools that are not as efficient or productive.

From a business perspective, Unchained Labs is building on developed technologies, adding significant improvements to turn them into breakthrough products, investing in customer-facing teams and then actively seeking out clients to invest in their systems.

They have installed at least one systems in almost all of the major biopharmaceutical companies around the world, with more than 320 systems sold globally to date.

The Unchained Labs Team

Based in Silicon Valley in Pleasanton, California, Unchained Labs currently employs over 100 people. Their leadership team members have over 15-20 years of experience in life sciences and building successful businesses.

To date they have raised $56m in venture capital and are backed by 3 of the industry’s leading investment firms:

  1. Canaan Partners
  2. Novo Ventures
  3. TPG Biotech

Product Range

Biologics can be difficult to work with. For this reason, Unchained Labs have specifically designed a range of tools for characterisation of biologics. These tools will streamline your workflow, save you time and provide the results that you need. They have been designed to work with the most complicated molecules and will accelerate your research.

Currently, Unchained Labs have 7 game-changing products that provide scientists with the best possible tools for their research and development. These include:

  1. UNcle – the first all-in-one biologics stability platform
  2. Hunky – the world’s first aggregation predictor
  3. pUNk – the smallest, fastest and easiest to use protein sizing system
  4. Big Tuna – automated buffer exchange platform
  5. Big Kahuna – the most configurable end-to-end automated workflow solution
  6. Junior – the most configurable bench top workflow solution
  7. Stunner – the only system available to do protein size and concentration