X-Ray Film and Chemicals

Radiographic testing is a form of non-destructive testing (NDT), sometimes referred to as non-destructive inspection (NDI) or non-destructive evaluation (NDE). The technique bears a strong resemblance to x-ray radiography used in medicine, where it is used to identify such things as broken bones.

In the testing of materials, it is used to detect such things as cracks, flaws, voids etc. It relies on the differences in x-ray absorption and transmission of these features to reveal them.

The x-rays are generated by a radiographic generator set that may produce x-rays in a pulsed on constant fashion. Thebe effective, the radiographic generator needs to produce x-rays with enough energy to pass through the specimen.

The x-rays that pass through the specimen can be detected using industrial x-ray film. By exposing the x-ray film to the x-rays, the various features. The grade of film required is determined by the type of specimen being examined and its thickness. AXT can supply a range of different film grades, in different sizes and formats.

X-ray film is analogous to photographic film, being sensitive to x-rays rather than light. Similar to photographic film it needs to be processed and AXT can also supply the developing chemicals to do this.

Radiographic NDT system - schematic

Radiographic image Fujifilm industrial x-ray film