X-RIS Portable X-Ray Imaging Solutions & Digital Radiography

X-RIS (X-Ray Imaging Solutions) is a Belgian-based company that is committed to developing and delivering the most modern digital radiography solutions for NDT (non-destructive testing) and security applications. They aim to provide end-users with user-friendly, efficient systems suited to their applications that will become indispensable to their operations.

Digital radiography has the advantage that if generates images in almost real time. This means that imaging conditions can be easily optimised on site virtually eliminating the need to re-shoot images that may not reveal crucial features and flaws which is of great importance for in field applications. Image processing can also be done on site and does not require film processing facilities. Furthermore, images can be stored in electronic format which is much more convenient than film and allows easier backup of data.

The X-RIS product range includes portable X-ray generators that can be mains or battery powered as well as flat panel detectors and software to marry the hardware components and to provide image acquisition and processing/optimisation. X-RIS can also build customised automatic X-ray inspection systems to suit your specific requirements.

The Company

X-RIS is based in Liege in Wallonia (Belgium). This region has a global reputation for expertise in X-ray technologies.

In 2010, X-RIS launched their first system, the GemX-160, a revolutionary, battery powered X-ray generator purpose-designed for portable digital radiography. This system also offers remote control operation for added operator safety. Since then, they have introduced Direct Radiography (DR) flat panel detectors and software to complete the package.

They were also proud to have won the 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 challenge, a program that recognises companies that have achieved the fastest rates of annual revenue growth over the previous three years.

X-RIS Team

X-RIS has a focus on technology. Consistent with their focus, they have employed a highly skilled workforce with the majority being graduate engineers.

Their young, enthusiastic team are passionate about developing class leading solutions as well as providing the training and support to customers so that they will get the most out of their instruments.


X-RIS boast an enviable customer lineup including the likes of:

  • Aerospace and Aeronautics – Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Pratt & Whitney, Airbus, Safran, COMAC, SABCA, SONACA and Mtu Aero
  • Castings – CPP Corp, Precimetal
  • Shipyards – Meyerwerft
  • Oil Industry – TOTAL, Technip
  • Ammunition- Nexter group
  • Research and Development – Fraunhofer Institute
  • Security – FBI Academy and many other intervention forces around the world working in the areas of forensics, customs and counter terrorism

Product Range