CN Bio Innovations – Organs-on-Chips

CN Bio develops human organ-on-chip technologies. These innovative devices that enable the formation of miniature models of human organs in the lab for medical research.

CN Bio provide products and services to the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past 3 years they have been using their proprietary organ-on-chip models in drug discovery and drug safety programs with more than 25 pharmaceutical companies. CN Bio has also pursued research to develop disease organ-on-chip models with successful programmes resulting in novel models of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and Hepatitis B virus infection.

They are committed to the continual development of their organs-on-chips technology and work closely with academic pioneers in the bio-engineering field, and pharmaceutical and industrial partners.

In 2012, CN Bio and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology received a $26M US government contract (DARPA) to develop a “body-on-a-chip”. In March 2018, Nature Scientific Reports published details of the successful final milestone of this program: completion of a platform connecting engineered tissues from 10 organs. This technology allows researchers to accurately replicate human organ interactions for weeks at a time and to measure the systemic effects of drugs on the body.

CN Bio Physiomimix organ-on-chip system
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