Micro Analysis on a Macro Scale

ELEMISSION are a Canadian based company who specialise in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy analysis. They have mastered micro analysis on a macro scale. Using novel patented designs they combine LIBS analysis with continuous rastering and chemometric software for real-time process analytical chemistry suited to applications involving mineral and alloy materials.


What is LIBS?

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) uses a pulsed laser to blast a tiny area (50 ?m spot size) from the sample to create a micro plasma in which elements display both their atomic and ionic signatures.  These are measured to give both their identify and quantity of elements present by Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AES).  LIBS enables you to analyse all elements of periodic table making a superior solution to X-ray technologies.

Elemission LIBS workflow


Each analysis gives a spectral fingerprint of all the elements present. This fingerprint is correlated and referenced to an alloy or mineral whether it be a simple of complex mixture.


Analysis of between 100 and 1000 locations a second. Each with their own unique spectral fingerprint. ELEMISSION ElEdit chemometric software calculates the concentration of the elements in addition to the concentration of the mineral or alloy.


Process Metallurgy Monitoring

The ELEMISSION Continuous On-Belt Real-time Analyser for a conveyor belt, analyses both the element and mineral (or alloy) concentrations. This allows you to monitor both the ore and the deleterious minerals that affect process. With this real time process analytical chemistry you can optimise throughput and increase recovery.

Core Analysis

With a 50?m resolution over a 40mm width and 1000 analytical points per second, you can quickly build microanalysis on a macro scale of 200-800m of core analysed per day.

Slurry Analysis

Customised solutions for continuous closed loop slurry monitoring for all elements.


Continuous analysis on a conveyor belt of scrap metal for sorting into grades for recycling or measure the purity of the ingots from the furnace.

Advantages of LIBS

Advantages of LIBS technology include:

  1. All elements of periodic table detected and quantified (high sensitivity to light atomic number elements)
  2. No sample preparation required
  3. Suitable for any form of materials e.g. gas, liquid, solid, conductive or non-conductive
  4. Rapid analysis

LIBS Technology Timeline

LIBS technology timelineELEMISSION can provide instruments that operate 24/7/365 with minimal human interaction for real time micro analysis on a macro scale.

Elemission LIBS coriosity
Elemission LIBS technology

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