Nanolive SA are the developers and manufacturers of an exciting new microscopic imaging technology.  It was incorporated in 2013 at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Dr. Yann Cotte (CEO) and Dr. Fatih Toy (scientific advisor), following the completion of their respective PhD theses at the EPFL Microsystems laboratory of Prof. Christian Depeursinge (Head of Scientific Advisory Board).

Nanolive are a team of scientists who have created an imaging system for the use of scientists. The system they have developed, the 3D Cell Explorer enables biologists, researchers and physicians to be able image cells in a way that was previously not possible. Furthermore, it allows you to instantly image, view and interact with living cells without damaging them as no extraneous contrast agent is required to attain remarkable views of living cells.

Their technology allows researchers to study how living cells such as bacteria work, evolve and react with their surroundings and external stimuli and drugs. This makes the 3D Cell Explorer an excellent tool for the development of new drugs and therapies, facilitating breakthrough medical research.

The Nanolive Team

The Nanolive team comprises a group of highly motivated individuals from different disciplines and geographical backgrounds. Their expertise in fields such as engineering, biology, physics and business provides Nanolive with an excellent blend to help deliver quality solutions for research needs.