Krishagni Solutions

Krishagni Solutions are a software development company that specialises in producing solutions for the medical and clinical research. It is their aim to make a difference to problems like curing cancer.

They were founded in 2011 and began providing their Siteman Cancer Center, with the first client being Washington University (St Louis).

Krishagni focus in clinical informatics in particular:

  • Data collection
  • Warehousing
  • Analysis and integration

They specialise in developing large-scale enterprise level applications from the ground up that are highly usable, fast and scalable. To date their client list boast such names as Johns Hopkins (USA), University of Leicester (UK), as well as the University of New South Wales, St Vincents Hospital and Victoria Cancer Biobank in Australia.

Krishagni is a young and enthusiastic team of software engineers and domain experts that provide a valuable blend of talents. Their Google-esque informal work environment lets their skills and creativity explore the boundaries of what is possible, while at the same time never losing sight of what their customer’s needs are. Furthermore, their low overheads, allow them to provide extremely cost-effective solutions for clinical researchers that will ultimately help them to better manage their data and increase their workflow efficiency.

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