SciAps – Portable Analytical Instruments

SciAps is a Boston-based manufacturer of portable analytical instruments. It is their mission to manufacture class-leading instruments that are durable, portable and field tested to perform. It is their aim that these instruments can analyse any compound, mineral or element or material at any location on Earth.

Instruments are manufactured in their ISO-certified production facility in Wyoming which also houses their extensive research centre.

Key Management Team

Many of the key management team have a long history of involvement with the development of handheld analytical devices. In particular, some were responsible for founding InnovX (now part of Olympus) and developing their handheld XRF devices.

Based on their vast experience and knowledge, you can be sure that any product they release will be class leading and designed to perform better than any that have come before them.

Product Ranges

The current SciAps product portfolio includes:

  • Handheld XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) Spectrometers – These are the world’s smallest, lightest, fastest high precision pXRFs available. They are suited to such applications as Alloy and scrap sorting, NDT, PMI, mining, environmental and industrial including testing of lead paint
  • Handheld LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) – Capable of detecting and measuring all elements from the entire periodic table. Ideal for testing ores, ceramics, soils, polymers etc


The X-series (XRFs) and Z series (LIBS) all include patented and innovative features that ensure more accurate and reliable data can be collected in shorter time frames, resulting in more precise identifications. This allows you to test more samples more quickly, thus increasing your efficiency and profitability.