2010 Geno/Grinder®  – Plant and Animal Tissue Homogeniser and Cell-Lyser

Designed specifically for rapid cell disruption, cell lysis and tissue homogenisation

The 2010 Geno/Grinder® is the ultimate plant and animal tissue homogeniser and cell-lyser features an adjustable clamp that accommodates a variety of sample formats ranging from deep-well titer plates to centrifuge tubes. Its high-throughput capabilities allow it to process up to four – deep-well titer plates or up to sixteen – 50mL centrifuge tubes simultaneously.

The Geno/Grinder is specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, lysis, and tissue homogenisation while preserving temperature sensitive samples with Kryo-Tech® accessories.

Typical Sample Types

Typical samples include:

  • Plant and Animal Tissues
  • Cell Cultures
  • Seeds
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria


  • Automated mechanical disruption ideal for high-throughput applications involving sample preparation for DNA, RNA, and protein extractions, pesticide residue analysis, and more
  • Equipped with digital timer, lockdown lid, and safety interlock for operator protection.
  • Patented laboratory mill designed for vigorous up-and-down shaking of deep-well titer plates, vial sets, and centrifuge tubes
  • Optional Kryo-Tech Accessories enable cryogenic grinding and preserve temperature sensitive samples for DNA/RNA and protein extractions
  • Optional Adjustable Clamp holds up to six deep-well titer plates, multiple centrifuge tubes, and other large grinding vials
  • Strong vertical clamp movement of 500-1750 strokes/minute ensures that grinding media directly impact the sample each and every time
  • Typical sample processing time of 1-2 minutes

New Design

The 2010 Genogrinder features a new, more user-friendly design and retains the robust and reliable operation of the previous model.

In particular the new touchscreen interface is fully programmable and tilts through 90° for optimal visibility. The touuchscreen allows the operator to program parameters including:

  • Run time
  • Cycles
  • Pause time

Up to 500 protocols can be stored for rapid recall, allowing you to more accurately replicate specific protocols and eliminating operator error. This makes the 2010 the ideal instrument for labs needing to process large numbers of samples that may involved numerous researchers/technicians working on the same project.

Password protection also allows different levels of access to specific users.

The system can store run history which can also be exported via USB. It also automatically logs diagnostics for servicing.

On Board Resources

SPEX genogrinder 2010 on board resourcesThe new 2010 Genogrinder also stores on board a host of resources such as:

  • Training videos
  • Instruction and operation manuals
  • Catalog of accessories
  • Technical support information


Timer/ControlsTouchscreen control with password protection
Clamp Movement3.2cm vertical
Clamp SpeedAdjustable from 500-1750 strokes/minute
Dimensions35.6 cm wide x 57.2 cm deep x 71.1 cm high
Net Weight (lbs)45.5kg
Motor1/3 hp
CE ApprovedYes

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